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Ecografo Toshiba Nemio XG MK1

Ecografo Toshiba che nella vendita ecografi nuovi e vendita ecografi usati si contraddistingue per una professionalità ed un prestanza in ambito elettromedicale che riesce a donare sicurezza ed affidabilità durature e certificate sia dall’essere un ecografo toshiba, brand che non necessita di presentazioni, sia l’alta prestanza dell’hardware e del monitor istyle che nell’ambito della vendita elettromedicale segna un punto di svolta ed una evoluzione negli ecografi Toshiba.


Toshiba Nemio XG MK1

MARCA : Toshiba
SONDE : Convex, Lineare, Vaginale
DESCRIZIONE : Ecografo Usato Ecocolor Doppler Usato marca Toshiba Modello Nemio XG MK1


This exclusive Toshiba concept includes a high-definition LCD monitor with flexible arm and various functions to support workflow.
Monitor 15″ LCD color monitor
External dimensions 451(w) × 1276 to 1488(H) × 729 to 785(D)mm
Mass Approx. 83 kg
Power consumption 1030VA (max)


Compact form and excellent usability

To permit high mobility, the volume of the system main unit has been reduced by 24% and the weight has been reduced by 17% (comparison with Toshiba ultrasound systems).
High-quality 15-inch LCD monitor
Flexible arm for moving the monitor to the desired position
Compact operating panel allowing flexible function assignment
Transducer cable hook on the operating panel
Compact form and excellent usabilityCompact form and excellent usability
High performance supporting reliable diagnosis

Tissue Harmonic Imaging provides high-quality B-mode images.
ApliPure™ improves contrast resolution.
QuickScan optimizes brightness and Doppler waveform with one-touch operation.
Trapezoid Scan visualizes a wide area in real time.
Advanced Dynamic Flow™ visualizes minute blood flows clearly.
High performance supporting reliable diagnosisHigh performance supporting reliable diagnosis
Excellent support for daily examinations

CD/DVD drive, USB port, and HDD are provided as standard.
A wide variety of transducers and applications cover a wide range of clinical specialties.
Gel warmer provides comfortable examinations for patients.
DICOM is supported.