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Ecografo Samsung HS40



è un ulteriore step dell’ imaging ecografica, e fra gli strumenti ostetrici e ginecologici, garantendo al professionista ed al paziente cure sempre tecnologicamente avanzate.

Samsung medical sempre all’avanguardia con i nuovissimi sistemi 2017/2018 che vanno a completare una gamma prodotti ecografici smart e performanti come solo Samsung sa fare


Ecografo Samsung HS40

Queste le Features del nuovo Ecografo Samsung HS40


This new harmonic technology provides greater image uniformity from near to far field while reducing signal noise. Combined with ClearVision and MultiVision, S-Harmonic improves the image quality of HS40.


The noise reduction filter improves edge enhancement and creates sharper 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance. The integration of specialized Samsung technology results in a notable improvement in image quality. In addition, ClearVision provides application-specific optimization and advanced temporal resolution in live scan mode.


MultiVision controls ultrasound beam electronically by steering, and compounds many scan lines for better image. MultiVision provides remarkable spatial and contrast resolution with even greater artifact suppression than ever before.

Ecografo Samsung HS40

Streamlined workflow

Quick Preset

With one touch, the user can select the most common transducer and preset combinations. Quick Preset maximizes efficiency to make a full day of scanning simple and easy.


EZ-Exam+ enables users to build or to use predefined protocols. It transforms the ultrasound investigation into a streamlined process. EZ-Exam+ ensures the full investigation is performed, eliminating the risk of forgetting an image or loop capture, as well as measurement and transducer preset changes.

Tools for optimized care


A diagnostic ultrasound technique for imaging elasticity, ElastoScandetects the presence of solid masses in tissues and converts any stiffness into color images.

Auto IMT+

Auto IMT+ is a screening tool to analyze a patient’s potential risk of cardiovascular disease. It allows easy intima-media thickness measurement of both the anterior and posterior wall of the common carotid by the click of a button. This simple procedure enhances exam productivity and adds diagnostic value.


NeedleMate+ ensures precise needle targeting when performing commonly used intervention procedures.


Panoramic imaging displays an extended field-of-view allowing users to examine a wider area. Panoramic imaging also supports angular scanning with data acquired from the linear and convex transducer.


Strain+ is a quantitative tool for global and segmental wall motion of the left ventricle (LV). In Strain+, three standard LV views and a Bull’s Eye are displayed in a quad screen for easy and quick assessment of the LV-function.

User-friendly design

  • 21.5 inch LCD monitor (LED backlight unit)

    The HS40 features a 21.5 inch LCD monitor (LED backlight unit), delivering excellent contrast resolution, image clarity and vibrant color in any lighting condition.

  • 10.1-inch touchscreen

    The Samsung 10.1-inch touchscreen is highly sensitive, allowing for an efficient interaction during the examination.

  • Gel warmer

    Two-level adjustable gel warmer maintains ultrasound gel at a comfortable temperature.

  • Low noise

    This exceptionally quiet device allows physical exams to be performed, including auscultation, while the ultrasound system is turned on.

  • Gas lift

    Adjust the system to your preferred height without straining, thanks to the smooth upward and downward motion of the gas lift.

  • EC probe holder

    HS40 features an endocavity transducer holder, side-mounted on the console for convenience when performing gynecological scanning.

  • Articulating monitor arm

    Adjust the system to your preferred height without straining, thanks to the smooth upward and downward motion of the gas lift.

  • Side pocket

    The system side pocket is ideal for storing a tablet, patient charts, or other items that you need to keep close at hand.

Samsung Medison, affiliata di Samsung Electronics, è leader mondiale nel settore dei dispositivi medicali. La società, che è stata fondata nel 1985 con la missione di garantire salute e benessere alle persone, produce in tutto il mondo sistemi di diagnostica a ultrasuoni in diversi settori della sanità. Samsung Medison ha commercializzato la tecnologia Live 3D nel 2001 e, da quando è entrata a far parte di Samsung Electronics nel 2011, lavora per integrare nei dispositivi a ultrasuoni le migliori tecnologie di IT, elaborazione delle immagini, semiconduttori e comunicazione per consentire agli operatori sanitari di effettuare diagnosi efficienti ed affidabili.

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